Кожевникова занялась спортом в поезде

Maria tries to keep in shape all the time

“I have no time for fitness,” “I and work are exhausting enough, the following Monday will start to run”, “No money for a hall” – the most common excuses those who did not dare to engage in their health. Maria Kozhevnikova, known for his passion for a healthy lifestyle, once again proved that even with the tremendous employment you can find time for fitness. And sports can be adapted anywhere.

On his page in the social Network she posted the photo from the train. Even on the way to a business trip, she manages to spend time with benefits. For example, to work on the abdominal muscles. Maria adapted a carload shelf under the bench, turned on the headphones provocative music and forward. “Photo unvarnished and filters, as they say, as it is. So, again, train to Vologda. I have learned to take their 7 hours… When in the book, and when sports. The press will soon be what you need. FizKult hi pass Glucose. Natus, I have my work”. Subscribers Kozhevnikova has supported her initiative. “Mary, You slowly grow roots in their “field house” and establish a life. But if without jokes, then just fine, they are trying to fight monotony during his frequent business trips. Tomorrow’s your big day, so the formal charge is very handy. Thus, part fatigue, I will add a good mood and rested, will meet a beautiful September morning fresh and beautiful.” Who advised Kozhevnikova a couple of exercises using the available tools. For example, you can do some push-UPS, leaning on the table, or to perform leg raises, hanging on the upper shelves. I believe the Shuttle runs in the vestibule the conductor would mind.

Meanwhile, other well-known domestic blonde Anna Khilkevich spends his vacation with no less health benefits. Every morning the actress together with her husband Artur Volkov start with charging (video tutorial included). After a series of exercises for all muscle groups a couple of passes to water procedures and swimming in the pool.

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