Мятежная Золушка Людмила Сенчина Today is nine days since the death of the singer. My meeting with the folk artist was one of the last.
Мятежная Золушка Людмила Сенчина

Last March, Lyudmila Senchina came to me in the Studio, as always radiant, smiling, beautiful – a real Cinderella. And is it a wonder then to anyone that his most famous song about this fabulous character she first played 36 years ago! By the way, the first “Cinderella” was not carried away Cancino. She dreamed about the dramatic repertoire, and there’s some lyrics for girls in primary classes! But the conductor Anatoly badhen invariably nepewassi at their meetings, “TA-RA-RA-RAM”, is continuously sent to Lyudmila postcards with words of the song, and as a result the young artist gave up.

A rare case, incidentally, indeed, Lyudmila didn’t give up. Never. Even the terrible disease with which she fought last year and a half, none of her friends had no idea. Sunny, sincere smile was the hallmark Ludmilla senchinoj. And dimples and clear, like crystal voice, which is impossible to forget.

A special love of the audience was waiting for her in Leningrad, where she graduated from music College and then worked in Theatre of musical Comedy.

“When people ask me if I like St. Petersburg, I always answer that Peter bathed me in the sea of love, me, the girl from Ukraine, bad speaking in Russian”.
Мятежная Золушка Людмила Сенчина

That the artist was born in the village and grew up in the Gypsy camp, at first no one believed. Looking at the Golden-haired green-eyed beauty, it was hard to imagine that her grandfather – a Moldavian Gypsy named Marco with a traditional earring.

“We had international family, such a dangerous mix. Imagine grandfather, a blacksmith, my grandmother’s name was Hannah, and mother Sarah. Someday I will shoot a film about the people who lived in childhood”.

History rumors about the relationship of the singer with the first Secretary of the Leningrad regional party Committee Grigory Romanov is unlikely to be included in the film. “If today is somehow possible to have a whirlwind romance with a man of such standing in those days… In the town of Kirishi, I do not remember who, handed the flag, was a concert. Grigory came to me, kissed my hand said that he saw the performances of “Robbery at midnight”, “the Seven wives of Bluebeard”, recorded several of my songs. I said, “Very nice!”And that’s our entire relationship. More I it in eyes did not see”.

Мятежная Золушка Людмила Сенчина

Subsequent to the stories of colleagues, Sergei Zakharov, who claimed that his creative friendship with senchinoj was not only an occasion for jealousy party boss, but also sent him to places not so remote, Lyudmila Petrovna treated with humor. “Once after a concert I went to Zakharov in the dressing room and said, “Serge, why all this nonsense? Be consulted, we are with you this would be a story wrapped!»

In General, the passion is not about Lyudmila Senchina. “Strong feelings? I’m probably not experienced. Because then it would be said, how it was incredible, but I had to… And I did not have – went from one man, and there came the next stage in my life. Women usually judge a woman – she supposedly vile homewrecker. But who the hell I beat someone, even if very much want… Yes, first husband, Vyacheslav Timoshin, were older than 20 years, left to me from a known put them on the screen Tatyana Piletskaya, but if the person is an adult, he will understand how to behave”. Of the second marriage with the composer and producer Stas Neminem the singer spoke very candidly.

“Stas is the only person with whom it was always interesting to talk to, music, literature, he knew so much! But why speak only good, if things were bad. I could shlopotat and overturning the kitchen table for him at a trifling matter. Understand that if you stay, die, and left it far, far away… At one point I even decided to be alone, I said to myself: “Stop! I’m not made to grow old with someone on one pillow”.
Мятежная Золушка Людмила Сенчина

“Lyudmila is very rebellious. Direct response, emotion, splash” – told me the third husband of the actress Vladimir Andreev. More than a quarter century, he was her faithful Director. “When all of us started? I saved her country had fallen in the well of the kitten Fyodor. Sitting in cold water, handing her the poor animal, she grabs it and runs. Barely got out, teeth chattering, and when I opened the door, saw that People with the owner Fedi Nina Urgant warm heater big bucket. Thought, so well done girls, getting warm. It turned out to Fedi”.

Мятежная Золушка Людмила Сенчина