Брат Василия Степанова дебютировал в кино Maxim has got a cameo role. Vasili participates in the film “Who’s next, the dreamers?”. Relative stars on “Inhabited island” was often with him on the court and even participated in some of the scenes.

In early January it became known that Vasily Stepanov returned to filming in films. The actor will play one of the roles in the film “Who’s next, the dreamers?”Natalya Verevkina. Initially, the star of “Inhabited island” was supposed to play the Director General of the insurance company. But then the project started to have problems. According to Verevkin, instead of the shorts they get the full picture, and money to finish them. The required amount is about 150 thousand rubles.

Besides Basil broke his leg and arm after falling from the window, so it was very difficult to work with. Before the accident Verevkina not complained about the actor.

“At the rehearsal and shooting Vasily came exclusively in a fighting mood. He acted like a real excellence: the role of learned by heart, good mood, desire to work tireless. Difficulties, in my opinion, Basil on the set experienced. You know, we all had a very family atmosphere: the whole cast each other support, all well played, if I may say so,” said Natalia.

In difficult moments Stepanova supported his brother. In an interview with reporters, the young man admitted that he too took part in the filming of the picture “Who’s next, the dreamers?”.

“Now, with Bob, everything is fine. Besides the fact that we are brothers in life, also happens to be a friends-partners scenario — play two entrepreneurs. Since brother still has acting and more experienced than me, he certainly told me how best to behave in the frame. Now he is engaged in self-development, reading books, trying to recover from all the twists and turns. Sometimes goes to grandpa in the village, helps him. Bob needs time to think things over,” – said a relative of the actor.

Verevkina recalls that he found Stepanova on the Internet. She left a message with the offer to star in the movie on the fan website dedicated to the actor. “And a month later I got a call from one of the largest TV channels of the country. The producers of a famous talk show invited me to participate in the program, dedicated to the life and career of Vasily Stepanov. Here is where we met for the first time. Agreed about the shooting and started to work” – shared Verevkina with “Source”.