Beloved Svetlana Khodchenkova save on gifts

Возлюбленные Светланы Ходченковой экономят на подарках In March, the premiere of new movie “iron curtain” with the actress, and very soon the picture will show at the festival in Berlin. Ahead of a highly anticipated event Svetlana Khodchenkova gave an interview to journalists. The star admitted that she sometimes lacks the signs of attention from men.

From 15 to 25 February-Berlin international film festival, in competition which involved a picture of Alexey German Jr.’s “iron curtain” with Danila Kozlovsky. In anticipation of the important event, the performer of a role Svetlana Khodchenkova told reporters about new projects with respect to social networks and gifts for men.

Speaking to reporters, the actress admitted that she is tired of strong female characters. “I often want the ease,” – says Svetlana. On the question of what is wrong in a similar role, the star said, “Nothing. Just a bit tired”. According to Khodchenkova, she likes to feel a weak woman. The star also noted that she’s not getting enough attention from loved ones.

“You know, I have a classical education. For me always a man is the chief. Sometimes there are moments when I want to say: “love Me millions, and you have a bouquet of flowers will not give!”– said the artist, speaking about his relationship with the opposite sex. – And then I think and understand: “He still loves me, I know it.”

About how busy her heart, Svetlana does not like to talk. The blond actress diligently protecting personal life from public attention. Not so long ago the star went on holiday to Bali. The celebrity had a great time in the company of colleagues and ex-boyfriend, businessman George Petrishina. According to “StarHit”, Svetlana resumed relations with an ex-lover. The couple lived in a room with a view of the ocean and tried not to be separated.

Svetlana Khodchenkova has returned to a former lover

In a recent interview Khodchenkova also said that her character is far from the image of the cold woman, which is difficult to find a common language.

“I don’t know why this is so: many friends at first thought me not to approach, well, I’m the snow Queen, all my feet are falling, and themselves in stacks fit, – says the actress. – I do not want to cultivate this image, it has nothing to do with me”.

According to the actress, the annoying fans are attacking her personal messages on Instagram. Svetlana admitted that he did not know how to answer messages of the fans. “We don’t know each other – explains the celebrity. – Many of us followers in social networks more than friends in real life.” Once Khodchenkova started a page on Facebook, but stopped to go in. Hang on the Internet blonde prefers to work in film. In 2018, the year Svetlana wanted to make a film, the script of which she had a hand.

“While there is only a working title. Partly I’m also a producer. Now looking for a team. This is a social drama. The Director will also be a woman. Debutante,” – said Khodchenkova Esquire magazine.