Rebel Wilson had been sexually assaulted while her friend filmed the incident on video

Ребел Уилсон подверглась сексуальному насилию, пока ее друг снимал инцидент на видео

Actress with curvaceous rebel Wilson, known for her role in the movie “the Perfect voice” wrote a post on Twitter, where he spoke about sexual violence against her. It turns out that one of her colleagues on the shooting of the film had assaulted her while the other Actresses tried to fall asleep all on camera.

Ребел Уилсон подверглась сексуальному насилию, пока ее друг снимал инцидент на видео

“I tried to concentrate on creating new Comedy abroad, but it’s so hard not to pay attention to all these stories about sexual violence and harassment in Hollywood,” says the actress. “As you know, I’m strong enough and confident person, but even I have a story I can tell.”

“Once one has power in the industry the man asked me to go in the room with him, and then he wanted me to stuck my finger up his ass. Throughout this time his “friends” men were trying to film the incident on their phones and laughing. I have repeatedly said “no” and, in the end, walked out of the room,” recalls a nasty case of Wilson.

Ребел Уилсон подверглась сексуальному насилию, пока ее друг снимал инцидент на видео

After the unfortunate incident of rebel immediately turned to his lawyer. Her lawyer wrote a complaint to the Studio to see if something similar will happen again, she can leave the job and not be compelled to return. The actress also said that soon after the incident, she was forced “to be nice to the actor and to support him.” Of course rebel refused. According to the actress, she told more than 100 people working in the industry about what happened with her in more detail. She did it not in order to attract attention and to warn others of a possible situation.

In subsequent tweets, the actress was told about another incident that happened with her earlier. Then it was molested by a man much higher in rank colleagues. This story had similarities with the stories of famous Actresses of Harvey Weinstein. He also invited girls to his hotel room. “Early in my career, I had a case of “hotel room” with the main Director. I thought we were going to talk about Comedy. Physical contact did not happen because he called the wife and started to accuse of treason. She screamed so loud that I clearly heard through his phone. I immediately went from there,” says the actress. “I was so naive in thinking that this will only work conversation. I could not imagine what might happen beyond that.”

The actress said that she was very lucky, because she grew up surrounded by strong women. She studied in a girls ‘ school and took lessons in self-defense. It helped her to avoid such situations. “I understand that not everyone is as lucky as me.” says the actress. “To hear that harassment and sexual harassment are common, it’s very sad. I know that my stories are not as bad as some women and men, but if you’ve been through, I understand you in some way,” added Wilson. As the actress said for the future, if you see an inappropriate attitude to yourself or to someone else, it will not stand on ceremony with the abuser.