Elena Proklova is suffering because of the division of property with the former spouse

Елена Проклова страдает из-за раздела имущества с бывшим супругом Actress spoke of painful procedure. Elena Proklova continues to live in the same house with her ex-husband Andrey Troshinym. However, the divorced couple have to share all that they have acquired in thirty years of marriage. The star admitted that she and Andrew are afraid to approach this.
Елена Проклова страдает из-за раздела имущества с бывшим супругом

Elena Proklova more than thirty years lived in wedlock with him Troshinym, the couple has a daughter together. Two years ago the couple divorced, however, and are unable to leave. Officially they are no longer husband and wife, but nevertheless continue to live in the same house. And as hinted, Elena Proklova, this existence, she finds it perfectly comfortable for myself and my ex-husband. This situation gives fans couples the right to hope that the family can still be reunited, and the couple again went to the registry office to put the press in the passports.

But the actress exclude this possibility, claiming that between her and Andrei Troshinym personal relationship is over. And furthermore, the former spouses are on the threshold of division of property.

Елена Проклова страдает из-за раздела имущества с бывшим супругом“We’re not going to get married, – said Elena Proklova. – Thank God, we broke up without complaints, with good attitude towards each other. Still 30 years to live together is not a field. I think we will always congratulate each other on holidays, to check on things, take care of the health to help when it is needed. As long as they live in the same house, but for us it was no problem. The procedure of division of property will, I think that it will be painful and unpleasant for both of us, because you created all for living together. Honestly, both are afraid to approach this. Neither he nor I did not rush any new relationship. Probably when they have someone there, the question will come by itself”.
Елена Проклова страдает из-за раздела имущества с бывшим супругом

But, from the stories of the actress about her current way of life, it turns out that her ex-husband have a joint household. Elena Proklova has made preparations for the winter from the products delivered to the house Andrei Trishin.

“Andrey has brought with hunting meat, we prepared for the winter basturma, beef, chops, meat for roasting, dried it all Packed our freezer – boasted Elena Proklova in an interview with “Antenna”. – Prepared a lot of sauerkraut with Antonovka, carrots, cranberries, shut the tomatoes and namorozila berries”.

We will remind, Elena Proklova told about the reasons of divorce with him Troshinym year ago in one of the TV programs. The gap caused a trivial quarrel on the background of the passions of Proklova. She loved to collect beautiful bottles of wine. At some point Andrei is enraged, and he pounced on Elena with the charges. This, according to the artist, was the last straw, so the next day she filed for divorce.