Nadia Pen appeared with a grown up son

Надя Ручка снялась с подросшим сыном
The singer is enjoying motherhood.

Nadia Knob with son Leo

Photo: @Instagram Hope nadiaruchka Handle

Nadia Pen in August for the first time became a mother. 36-year-old actress is in no hurry to get out of the decree and has fully dedicated himself-the lion. The singer recently shared a rare joint photos with a grown child.

In his microblog Pen posted two pictures, which holds son on hands. After about a week the little lion will be only three months, but he is happy mom achievements. For example, he was very confident the head I had on made frames.

Nadia, like most mom, the first weeks after birth to get used to a new way of life with a baby. She never noticed how stupid many places made ramps for wheelchairs. Handle complained to the fans that to get around with a pram very difficult. “Interestingly, those who set such that an almost vertical ramps at their establishments, trying to use them? At least once? This is a demonstration of extreme irresponsibility, hatred or hidden aggression?” — surprised Hope.

We will remind that in July of this year, Pen has secretly married his beloved — Denis. The proposal of marriage she received a month before I found out I was pregnant. For a couple it was very important to have time to sign before the birth of her son, so the boy was born in wedlock.