Alexey Chadov and Agniya Ditkovskite a couple again

Алексей Чадов и Агния Дитковските снова стали супругами
The pair is showing tender feelings in public.

Irina Medvedeva, Aleksey Chadov, Agnia Ditkovskite and Vladimir Bolshov

Photo: @Instagram alexeychadov Alexei Chadova

The ex-wife Alexei Chadov and Agniya Ditkovskite even after the divorce continue to be a married couple, however, is only on the theatrical stage. The creative Duo divorced artists involved in the play by Vladimir Zaikina “Stranger” by the film Director Vladimir Bolshov. Alex and Agnes are playing a young couple, whose apartment appears Love itself, desperately trying to explain to them the simple truth about core values in life.

Today Alexey has left in his microblog entry about his ex-wife. Review Chadova gave fans the idea: has not resumed former spouses in your relationship? He did compliment Agnes, adding that today during the performance she was “in shock”. Ditkovskite praise ex-husband has accepted and reciprocated. So, this was the exchange of pleasantries between the parents of a three year old son, Theodore. And most recently, Chadov and Ditkovskite vacationing together at a resort in Sunny Italy. However, the warming in relations of Alexei and Agnes may be due to the fact that “time heals”: the dust has settled, grudges forgotten and now the former spouses can communicate with each other as good friends.

In the same show, was, by the way, to appear Dmitry Maryanov, who died 15 Oct. The actor was in the role of father, and caused the light of Love. He rehearsed a lot and was excited about the upcoming performances. Now Maranova replaces the Director of the play Vladimir Bolshov.