Ravshana Kurkova told about the special relationship with ex-husband

Равшана Куркова рассказала об особой связи с бывшим мужем
The actress continues to meet Artem Tkachenko.

Ravshana Kurkova

Photo: @rav_shana Instagram Ravshan Kursovoy

Since then, ravshana Kurkova and Artem Tkachenko divorced nearly 10 years, but the couple continue to spend a lot of time together. We are talking about meetings of actors on the sets of various film projects. Ironically.Yu repeatedly ex-spouses can claim to shooting the same pictures. In anticipation of the premiere of the next collaborative film, “Kids for hire” where he and Tom again at the time, became husband and wife, the actress spoke about how fate again and again “driving” with her ex-husband.

“We never forced the Directors or the casting Directors, saying “take this (that) artist/-weaving.So, in my opinion, it’s a funny story. First, we did have a mutual friend, where Temich was a major role, and I have a cameo, then starring in the short film our friend, then in small roles, which seems to be not out, then in the secondary of the movie that came out, but in the shot we never crossed paths, was still starring in one of the stories in the movie, then I was again invited to play with Artem episode in the picture, where he had the main role. And here is the casting of the film “Kids for hire” (which used to be called “something is wrong with my parents”). I look from different great artists, the ensemble Tamica samples from great artists. And then there was our joint sample and now — we are in a children’s movie. And next year you will have one of our premiere. The moral of the story: we have great chemistry and teamwork of the two psycho — proven power!”

Recall that last summer, Artem once again said goodbye to barchelor life. Tkachenko was married to Catherine Stabling, presented in November last year, a son. Ravshan, according to rumors, has also become a married woman, registered relationship with a stuntman Stanislav Rumyantsev. However, the actress is in no hurry to disclose details of his personal life and is still not officially confirmed their wedding.