Left Shakira with Gerard Pique

Шакира ушла от Жерара Пике
The singer got tired of waiting for proposals from her boyfriend.

Shakira and Gerard Pique


Shakira moved out of the house where she was living with footballer
Gerard Pique and their two children — four
Milan summer and an eight month old Sasha. According to Spanish sources, the singer
tired of waiting, and when Gerard finally ask her to be his lawful wife.
The last time the couple together in the summer at the wedding of his friend and colleague
Lionel Messi.

the thing is, a friend of 40-year-old singer surprised she’s lasted this long. After all, Gerard has lived
with Shakira for seven years, and during that time she bore him two sons. And although the singer has repeatedly hinted,
I would like to be a married woman, the Peak and did not consent to her getting engaged. Perhaps Shakira endured your boyfriend for so long because
she thought he was a good father. “He helps me in all
practical issues. So I don’t feel like a mom who completely
saddled with the whole burden of the family on their shoulders…”

Reporters repeatedly asked the footballer — when he
make her an offer? But Gerard answered every time the same: “Yes, Yes. We
of course, get married. Ever…” He said this three years ago, and this
in the spring… But Pique told the story of his acquaintance with
Shakira. In recognition of the Peak, this story
started back in 2010. Then was in full swing preparing for the world Cup
football and Shakira recorded the song that became the anthem of this contest. “I still
several players accepted the offer to appear in the video for this song. And when
I met up with Shakira, between us immediately “clicked”. We started
share SMS-mi. So it all started…” said Gerard.