Presnyakovy the couple was on the verge of divorce

Супруги Пресняковы оказались на грани развода
Elena and Vladimir are talking about conflicts in the family.

Vladimir and Elena Presnakova

Photo: @smak_1tv Instagram

Vladimir and Elena Presnakova have been together for decades. During this time, they didn’t always live in harmony — a couple of times the couple were on the verge of divorce. As often happens, recriminations escalated into serious conflicts. To resolve family disputes at once does not always work. In the program “Relish” the couple admitted that from the final break and the divorce is finalized he held them back… too lazy.

“We are just too lazy to get a divorce. One day we were fighting, decided to divorce. I said: “Vova is not from you,” and she threw an ashtray. Still have the dent in the furniture!” — laughs 71-year-old Vladimir.

Despite its age, Elena and her husband continue to tour a lot and free from the concerts time together engaged in the education of grandchildren. And since their eldest grandson Nikita got married to Alyona Krasnova this summer, they are waiting for the birth of great-grandchildren. The couple also with children rush yet don’t want to. Some time ago Nikita told me that now he’s in first place is the quarry. It will be decided on the birth of a child, only when he will stand firmly on his feet (in 18 years, he completely refused the financial help of their parents).