Rare photo of Nargiz Zakirova delighted fans

Раритетное фото Наргиз Закировой восхитило поклонников One of the most prominent member of the second season of the popular musical TV show “the Voice” frequently publishes in his extravagant photos showing her spectacular appearance. Today the singer has pleased the followers of the many years ago where a young woman boldly shows your perfect figure.

Nargiz Zakirova became one of the most interesting and popular participants of the project “the Voice” and were able to take their place in the domestic show-business. She has published in Instagram picture, which showed followers how it looked a few years ago. In the photo, the actress appears with bright make-up, to roll up almost to his chest, t-shirt and jeans with low waist, demonstriruesh a fine figure of a woman. Fans noticed great hair artist, she remembered them with a bald head and gathered in a small tail of hair that never broke up. Moreover, at the head of Vice flaunts tattoo, which she eagerly showed to the audience.

In the caption to the picture, the singer pointedly wrote: “When I was young, I never never needed and I perceived love just as fun. Those days are gone…”

Post two hours has already gathered more than 3,000 likes and more than three dozen comments. Followers celebrities, one after another expressed admiration for the way his favorite, which becomes, according to them, only more beautiful. And some users of the social network has said that Nargis is not only not any worse than before, as if never changed.

“You gorgeous!”, “Haven’t even changed!”, “Beautiful Nargis!”, “Your youth and beauty all the year!”, “You’re so beautiful, Nargis!”, “Divine”, “Nargiz, you’re my goddess!”, “Style icon”, – excitedly commented subscribers.

One fan of the singer noticed that Zakirova in his youth, very similar to your daughter. “Thought at first that this photo is my daughter, how similar!”, – commented a fan of Nargis.

Now, by the way, Nargis had a little change of image. In a recent published in social networks photos of her didn’t even recognize the fans. Subscribers ironically compared the woman with Iosif Kobzon and Vitas.

Now about the personal life of Nargis almost nothing reported. Recall that the star of the show “the Voice” divorced from her husband, Italian singer Filipp Balzano last year. The couple lived together for 20 years and has long been the subject of admiration from fans of the singer. Zakirova and Balzano met in the restaurant, which was made by the future husband of the actress. Later, Philip starred in the video of his wife on the song “I’m not yours.” Friends of the pair have repeatedly noted that the husband and wife are in love with each other after more than ten years as much as in the beginning of the novel.

Now Balzano flew from new York to Moscow to try their hand at the project, which once brought fame to his ex-wife. Philip stormed the project “the Voice” and hopes to gain popularity, thanks to the telecast.