Angelina Vovk: “we Have to be optimistic”

Ангелина Вовк: «Надо быть оптимистом» Today, September 16, popular TV presenter celebrates his birthday. Angelina Mikhailovna told how he built a temple and saved “good night, kids!” from closing. The star shared her plans for the future with “StarHit”.
Ангелина Вовк: «Надо быть оптимистом»

Looking for a blooming angelina Mikhailovna and I will not say that today, 16 September, she will celebrate 75 years of age, and her kids have long grown up. But for most wolf all the same kind aunt Lena with a pleasant voice. Anniversary of the Soviet TV star will celebrate in an unusual way – in the Theatre of the moon: will give friends and colleagues the premiere of the musical “the Seagull” play by Anton Chekhov. A few days later you will fly to the côte d’azur in France, where he will continue the celebration and will also act as a leading film festival. A week before the event angelina M. said “StarHit”, who saves her from the depression that scares in the education of the grandson and where she hid the dolls piggy and stepashky during the coup.

The irony

Angelina M., your age on the passport. But in my heart how much?
Ангелина Вовк: «Надо быть оптимистом»Feel, of course, not at 18, but not for 75 years. It is difficult to determine the age of the soul, because it is not age, but gaining wisdom is developing. Feel like a Mature person. And when I see peers, then you know what the fellow that always followed him. It concerns not only the outer shell. I have long realized that the need to think positively, then life will be easier. To be optimistic nicer and others including. Why are they annoying? This knowledge came to me from the family. My grandmother survived revolution, war, famine, but never get discouraged. It was saving faith in God. The mother, too, had hard luck. Dad, a pilot, crashed during the war. I was only two years old. Mom was very worried, but always looking forward. Reasons to get depressed a lot, but the smile she’s like the sun that lights the way. —
Attend the Church?
Ангелина Вовк: «Надо быть оптимистом»Despite the fact that I often accompanied my grandmother to the service, she never imposed faith. I felt it herself many years later, in the 80s. One day out of the house into the street, and around me are whistling evil vortex. Perhaps it was a natural phenomenon, but felt that I have to run to Church. Next, on the Arbat, was the temple of Jerusalem, the metochion. I collapsed in front of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God and ever since there often. For spiritual support are grateful to father Michael and Alexander. The last is my mentor. Father Alexander together with friends and helped restore the Church of the Savior on the Sands, where in Soviet times was a “Soyuzmultfilm”. And I, leading “good night, kids!”, opposed native organization with a request to return the land to the Church. This temple, incidentally, is depicted in the painting by Vasily Polenov “Moscow courtyard”. That’s the irony. —
Once you told me that you are with God in close relationship…
Ангелина Вовк: «Надо быть оптимистом»Yes, once I even saw the face of Christ. I experienced a bitter moment, lay down in the afternoon, and before me there was God. Perhaps it was a dream, but after the problem was resolved. And later this happened again, much more interesting. My friend Sveta when I was on the Warsaw highway. She’s driving, I’m in the passenger seat. And suddenly I look up and the sky seems to float a woman in a white robe, with flowing hair and hands raised up. Motors stalled all machines at once. While the people looked around, the unusual figure was gone. And the next day, 18 August 1991, the coup began. I woke up at 4 a.m. from the sounds of machine gun fire. Shot in the heart of the White house, and the sound was such as if under the window. Realized that I need to go save the country. Took doll piggy and stepashky, hid them under his cloak, called a friend and we went together to the White house. To get inside and failed, but the military had tears welling up when I plowed trench. Looked so pathetic my attempt to stop the riots.—
Here you activist! Probably, for this reason, and is now in demand, although many of your fellow peers complain that they forgot…
Ангелина Вовк: «Надо быть оптимистом»Of course, it was hard, when in the 90s we were all turned away at the door. Due to the lack of funding wanted to close the program “good night, kids!”, but I was saved – gave sponsor. Then created the festival “song of the year”, which already for the 18th time in “the Eaglet” in Tuapse. This year went to my great-niece Anya. I have always fought for the transfer to the younger generation. Once even wrote a letter to the President, which failed to pass with the help of friends. In two weeks, Vladimir Putin has declared that it is necessary to create a children’s TV, and there was a Carousel channel.
Ангелина Вовк: «Надо быть оптимистом»

Cottage by the sea

Tell us about angelina and Anna (Daughter of nephew wolf. – Approx. “StarHit”).They have grown up…
Ангелина Вовк: «Надо быть оптимистом»Yes. It so happened that their children have no. Because girls are raised as granddaughters. Both mathematical learning in school. Angelina, named after me, seriously engaged in English. Anya, in my opinion, has all chances to become a doctor-cosmetician. Beautiful woman’s profession, always in demand. But look how fate pulled out. Maybe it is the sight of blood can not tolerate? I won my cats have the ears clean can’t ask friends. The only thing that scares me about today’s youth is the fascination with the Internet.—
You are with technology and social media get along?
Ангелина Вовк: «Надо быть оптимистом»Not to say that I “fatburning”, although the first time came into this social network. Then I got bored, and no time. Appointments, work, treatments, cats, dogs… And at night prefer to sleep. Gadgets but on a normal level. I have an iPhone. Like the app WhatsApp.
Ангелина Вовк: «Надо быть оптимистом»
By the way, about the procedures. Still visit the beautician? I know that you love this thing.
Ангелина Вовк: «Надо быть оптимистом»Yes, but without fanaticism. Recently suggested to try the Japanese drug that improves metabolism and restores your body. Already passed the procedure of injections for smoothing wrinkles on the face. Now engaged in the rejuvenation of hands, who primarily issue age. Perhaps the Queen’s fingers soft and smooth. And I had at the time to plow the garden, to wash the floors with a knife – to scrape the dirt. I chistoplyuyka. It is necessary that everything sparkled and the flowers were. And nobody forced itself! I wanted to come to mom’s, put the diary, and there is some five. And watch as it shines. I love to bring people a little joy. —
Remember about your Pets. And who is taking care of them while you are gone?
Ангелина Вовк: «Надо быть оптимистом»I have four cats and one dog. All foundlings. They live in the country, where everyone has their own room, stairs and basement. Just kidding, of course, but there are, however, more space. For housing look AU pairs – husband and wife. Beautiful and decent people. —
See the TV?
Ангелина Вовк: «Надо быть оптимистом»Most of the news. I am interested in what is happening in the world. Still love your editor-in-chief Andrey Malakhov, just not where you fight, and positive. Uplifting “let’s get married!”. Rose Sabitova impressed, though, and builds himself a simpleton, and in fact a brilliant woman. And Larisa Guzeeva with her “slinky” attracts. I have here no bitchiness and it’s fun to see.—
What would you have wished for an anniversary?
More free time and a house by the sea. When one program I did the repair in the country, I asked on the living room wall to paint sea shore. But will not refuse the present.