Alexander Malinin saves on the education of children

Александр Малинин экономит на образовании детей The actor said Ivan Urgant, why his successor is studying in Germany. Singer, his wife and daughter were the guests of the program “Relish”. According to the musician, so the family can save money on higher education Ustinya.

Alexander and Emma Malinin happily married for 27 years. The couple and their daughter Ustinja were the guests of the program “Relish”. During the conversation with Ivan Urgant became clear that the heir of the artist received a secondary education in Germany. According to the musician, studying abroad will allow the family to save money.

“You see, in Germany higher education is free. Now Ustinja working on their future. I have twins to pay for their studies would be very expensive,” said Malinin.

The heiress of the singer is fluent in German and is now engaged in the study of Latin. The girl moved to the tenth grade. According to the daughter of Malinin, she does well, but has not yet decided on their future profession. “Mom wants me to become a doctor, and my dad dreams to pursue his music business. You may have to combine”, – said Ustinja.

For cooking gazpacho and the braised rabbit Alexander Malinin open up and told about how music helps daughter to take exams.

“One day she had to learn a poem by Goethe in German, but Ustinja did not. She ran up to me and asks what to do. I advised daughter to sing Heine, in the end, she passed the exam without problems”, – said the musician.

Later Alexander and Ustinja together sang the song. Ivan Urgant and the audience in the Studio acknowledged that the girl possesses incredible vocal talent and can make a good career in music.

The wife of the singer does not limit the daughter in creative expression. Besides, Emma Malinin is a major fan of her husband. The wife of the artist is often at his speeches and struggling to hold the tears during the concerts. “Sasha and I have been together for almost 30 years, but I still cry every time he performs the song “Beggar”. In the hall at this point, reigns simply amazing energy,” shared the woman.

Alexander Malinin does not deny that likes to feel out of the audience. In the moments when fans sing along with him or crying, realizing the depth of the composition, the musician feels absolutely happy.