Rapper T-Killah changed in bed some girls

Рэпер T-Killah сменил в постели несколько девушек The young performer has removed hot video. Rapper T-Killah performed a dream – he was in bed with charming ladies. However, not for real, and in the clip.

      Рэпер T-Killah сменил в постели несколько девушек

      Alexander Tarasov, better known by his stage name T-Killah, released their second track “Good morning” from the upcoming third album. The words of the song the rapper co-wrote with Dakota. This is not their first collaboration. And here is a clip of hit next – this is entirely the idea of the rapper.

      “This is the story of my life! I so almost every morning! The only difference that I Wake up not with so many girls, but as they say, have to go!” – laughs T-Killah.

      The video “Good morning” as if in a dream the rapper. He is haunted by the girl he’s having an affair. However it evolves, it becomes clear that a great companion is constantly changing in the bed of a brutal performer. The video promises to be extremely hot and with lots of bed scenes.

      Interestingly, in the final video, T-Killah, together with models had to literally swim in the paint. The singer doused with colored liquid. It was T-Killah real test of strength. After several takes it became clear that on a film set there is no hot water. The rapper had to wash off the paint under the icy shower.

      “It was not the most pleasant feeling, but every year I bathe in an ice-hole on Epiphany and got used to the icy water, – was told by T-Killah. – Yes, and my athletic lifestyle, long daily runs and cross-fit is not in vain”.

      Clip can already be seen on music channels and on the official channel of T-Killah in “YouTube”.

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