Мать 5-х детей за $500 тысяч превратилась в Барби

42-year-old native of the U.S. state Cincinnati loved as a child to play with dolls – and finished badly.

Her name is Nannetta, Hammond, along with her husband Dave and five children they live in a posh house with 10 bedrooms. To look like Barbie, Nannetta, spent half a million dollars.

“I know that other parents talking about me and gossiping behind my back, but I don’t have to know everything Nannetta in the video company News Dog Media. – They can think and say what you want – it doesn’t bother me, I and the children were taught to be above it all”.

Once Nannetta was a brunette and liked to play with dolls – and these were exclusively Barbie, whose number has exceeded fifty: “I loved playing with Barbie. I was a shy child, worried about their appearance. It seemed to me that the doll always happy and my life compared to them was kind of dull. So I wanted to look like a doll. I didn’t like the color of my hair, and when he became a teenager, I wanted a larger breast size.”

Dreams can come true. The nannetta has already undergone three enlargement surgery and breast lift, lip augmentation, boosted lashes and hair did permanent makeup and daily visits to the Solarium. “My appearance is worth all the money that I spent to the last penny,’ he Nannetta. – I’m happy now. I want to grow old gracefully, so when the time comes to get a face-lift, I will do it without hesitation.”

The nannetta insists that her children – 15-year-old Giovanni, 12-year-old Sophia, 10-year-old Alex, 5-year-old Antonio and 16-year-old stepdaughter Hannah is as confused by her appearance, but on the contrary, happy to share her pictures on the pages in Instagram.

“They are proud of me and my progress in plastic surgery, says 42-year-old Barbie. — They think I look great my life is now better than Barbie”.

In a sense, it really is unlikely that the world will be found the doll that has three pink car (including a Porsche for $ 249 thousand), as Nannette, and three dressing rooms. And it has Ken – husband Dave, who supports all initiatives of his weird wife.

“I like her appearance, and I’m always happy to support it, says Dave. – Nannetta takes care of all the family members, so we’re all ready to repay her in kind”.

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