Ekaterina Klimova named their main fears

Екатерина Климова назвала свои главные страхи The actress admitted that frightens her the most. Ekaterina Klimova is going through when sick her children. It knocks her out of the rut.

      Екатерина Климова назвала свои главные страхи

      Very often, many people try to hide their fears in order to appear invincible to the public. However, some celebrities aren’t afraid to admit to their own phobias and show yourself for who you are actually. Popular actress Ekaterina Klimova was no exception. She boldly admitted that she is afraid of many things, especially what to do with her children.

      “Yes, I have all the weak, strong no! Because any fears are very strong. However, as soon as you say you are not afraid, they burst into nothingness. And scared can. For me the worst thing about me is unsettling, the diseases of children. And some moments that are associated with them. Immediately, Bach – and nothing…no coffee, no work, and in everyday life nothing is annoying: neither the tube nor personal relations or simple, all, the world simply ceases to exist for me”, – said Klimov.

      I must say that the actress now has four children. The eldest, Elizabeth, was 14 years old, and she is now going through a transitional age. Star mother is very worried due to the fact that the daughter is estranged from her. However, it is reasonable refers to a difficult period in the life of Elizabeth, though it regrets that the girl does not need constant communication with parents. My youngest daughter, Bella, just a few months. She was born in the autumn of last year from her new husband, Gela Meskhi. Also Catherine’s older two sons.

      In addition to the concerns related to life and health of children, she has other fears, though not so strong. But the actress is much easier to fight – she finds salvation in her work.

      “But all of that pulls again the same profession and having so much responsibility. To reflect is simply no time, opportunity, and desire – not what it is…” – shared his thoughts Catherine in an interview with the magazine “Good advice”.

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