Group “Arrow” returns to the stage in the Golden part

Группа «Стрелки» возвращается на сцену в золотом составе The stars of the nineties are going to win back the audience. Each of the soloists has had a unique experience. Participants of group “Arrows” plan to revive his work.

      Группа «Стрелки» возвращается на сцену в золотом составе

      After ten years of silence, the group “Arrows” reasserted itself. The singer once famous all over the country hit “You left me” returns to the big stage in the “Golden” composition. The audience will see in all its glory Kate, tori, Gera and Margo.

      “The idea to gather again and sing all of our songs are very inspirational.” – said the soloist of the “Shooter”. Meanwhile, the plans for the girls and new surprises for their fans. It is noteworthy that after the band’s singer has not lost each other, although the life of each of them was doing steep turns. Kate, tori, Hera, and Margo grew up, went through many trials and with new forces dream to conquer the hearts of the audience.

      So, the youngest member of the team, known as Kate, remembers that even tried to commit suicide after she was fired from “Shooter”. “It was a difficult moment in my life. I woke up only after six months, she says. – Now I am married, husband is serving time, the struggle for life and justice is my fate. But again eager to be part of a team where you feel happy.”

      Fatal beauty Margo is also very pleased that her colleague next to her again and ready to return “Arrows” to its former glory. “The competition in the group I sang “Winged swings” and “cherry” Angelika Varum. After his career in the group “Arrows” together with the Hero he created a duet “bridge”. Two years later I married and had two children. And recently we collected Leonid velichkovski to speak at the “Disco 90″ , after which we decided to recreate the group in this composition,” explains the singer.

      By the way, Hera still continues to work – she writes beautiful songs that may become new hits, the reunited band. Tory, like the other girls, happy I got another chance to prove himself. Fans of “Arrow” is also looking forward to the new concerts of the group.

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