Psychologist Julia Yakubovskaya denied the rumors about the beating

Психолог Юлия Якубовская опровергла слухи об избиении Recently the media reported that the famous family therapist, was hospitalized with numerous bruises. According to journalists, Yulia Yakubovsky was beaten by her husband. The woman said “Stragite”, that still happened to her.
Психолог Юлия Якубовская опровергла слухи об избиении

In an exclusive interview Yakubovskaya denied numerous publications in national media about her severe beatings. The psychologist stated that in any clinic is not addressed.

“In the hospital I was not taken! It’s the media making a sensation. Why? Because the need to do publicity. When one becomes in some degree famous, people are interested in it, have a definite opinion about it… I think this is related to my professional activities,” said Yakubovskaya.

Yulia Valentinovna noticed that she has minor injuries. For some reason which they arise – the psychologist is silent. However, doctors found no reason for hospitalization.

Психолог Юлия Якубовская опровергла слухи об избиении “I have not got to the hospital, I appealed only to the emergency room. There fixed the injuries, but I don’t want to make this a public discussion… I came through the day after the injury, this applies to my personal life. I had a call with various talk shows, was invited to the program,” said Julia.

It should be noted that Julia is a practicing psychoanalyst, family therapist and psychotherapist for more than five years. Yakubovskaya consults customers over 18 years of age – almost any issue.

The woman also told how her child reacted to the negative media publications.

“Yes, the husband is involved in this, but I don’t want to talk about it. In the press all represented hypertrophied. I don’t have any serious damage to hospital beds. My clients include many personalities from the world of show business, politicians… Even my child has read all the nonsense that was written. And he really laughed,” explained Julia.