Kirill Pletnev and Nino Ninidze got married

Кирилл Плетнев и Нино Нинидзе сыграли свадьбу On the days the couple legalized relationships after several years of civil marriage and the birth of a son – of the Header. To mark the important event, Kirill Pletnev and Nino Ninidze collected the most loved ones for a celebratory dinner.
Кирилл Плетнев и Нино Нинидзе сыграли свадьбу

For more than three years, the actor and Director Kirill Pletnev meets the daughter of the artist AI Ninidze Nino. The couple are raising a son Header (Alexander) who was born in December of 2015. Pletnev and his fiancee lived in a civil marriage and was in no hurry to legalize the relationship.

Apparently, the lovers recently decided to change marital status. Fans of the couple came to this conclusion after analyzing the recent publication Nino on Instagram. Ninidze has posted a gallery of photos, which she poses in a white dress. One of the photos along with the actress sealed her choice.

“Ki+No” – wrote in the microblog Nino.
Кирилл Плетнев и Нино Нинидзе сыграли свадьбу

Social media users congratulated the actress and her mate. “What beautiful eyes and she is beautiful. Good luck, lots of positive emotions. Happy for you,” “You are awesome”, “Cool”, “Be happy together,” “Long years of marriage. Hooray, husband and wife,” – commented on the Internet.

One of Nino’s friends asked if she was married, to which the actress replied in the affirmative. “Yes! And it’s cool when the son and have been through a lot!” – shared the actress.

Кирилл Плетнев и Нино Нинидзе сыграли свадьбу

Later there are other shots taken in special for the couple day. They left no doubt that Ninidze and Pletnev has arranged the marriage ceremony. “Incredibly gentle wedding”, the photographer said Natalia Rustle. Apparently, Kirill and Nino decided not to organize a major celebration, and collected only the closest people. The bride chose a long dress in classic white with an airy skirt in a Greek style. The groom also remained true to tradition.

Friends, including rapper Vlady and his wife Vitalia Gospodarik, peppered lovers warm wishes. “Happiness and love to you with the sign of infinity” – addressed to the wife of the perpetrator to the newlyweds. An important guest at the celebration was the son of Cyril and Nino the header. “Our bird,” wrote Ninidze in social networks. The boy willingly posed for photographers and smiled a lot. Guests arrived to the delight of the spontaneity of the child.

A few days before the wedding, she arranged a bachelorette party. A fun celebration was held at the loft, located in a historic building of the 19th century. The actress did a walk together with my best friends.

Recall that last year, Nino Ninidze participated in the qualifying round of “the Voice”. The actress admitted that relatives had persuaded her to apply. However, Nino has failed to convince the jury that she is worthy to participate in the show. None of the experts turned to the Ninidze, who performed the song IOWA “the same”. Later, the artist explained his failure of the wrong choice of song.