Candid photos Keti Topuriya has caused discontent Gufa

Откровенное фото Кети Топурия вызвало недовольство Гуфа
Lovers find out the relationship in the Network.

Откровенное фото Кети Топурия вызвало недовольство Гуфа

Photo: Instagram

Guf Keti Topuria

Photo: @therealguf Instagram

Personal life Katie Topuria recent years been very much interested in her fans. Of course! Married, gave birth to a beautiful daughter, such an idyll — and suddenly divorce. No one never thought that this is the singer’s husband left her for some other beauty. All were convinced that the initiator of parting was Topuria.

Rumors about her affair with rapper Body also went quite a while ago and was confirmed only at the beginning of this year. Lovers began, openly, to publish joint bags and leave each other in social networks comments.

So, subscribers A’studio soloist witnessed the Gufa discontent against the behavior of Katie. The girl published on her personal blog a rather candid photo. On it she is posing in jeans but Topless, covering her Breasts with his hands. In fact, before the singer is allowed a more “open” photos, but then the harsh Guf were not official boyfriend Oriental beauty.

What a performer said of his beloved alone, remains a mystery. But in the comments to the photo he posted unhappy “emoticon” indicating a severe undivided attention to the person. They say, Oh, of course you can do whatever you want, we are free people, but do not forget and do not forget that I’m watching you!

Meanwhile, fans of Katie, when her new novel ceased to be a mystery, did not Express much joy for this reason. The fact that in the biography Gufa have been episodes associated with use of narcotic substances. He confirmed that previously suffered from addiction, but then was able to overcome the crisis. Fans are outraged at the Network that she didn’t choose the best candidate boyfriend. They refer to the fact that Katie, raising a two year-old daughter Olivia needs a careful approach to the selection of the men in their lives. Many criticize Topuria because she went from businessman Leo Gahman to the artist with a “tainted reputation”.

From Guf, aka Alexey Dolmatov, also has a child. He was married to ISA Dolmatova, who gave him in 2010 son of Sam. Parents for a long time could not “divide” of the child. Last fall between the former spouses on this basis has again a scandal.