Pskov Bonnie and Clyde: the neighbors Teens about the tragedy in “Let them talk”

Псковские Бонни и Клайд: соседи подростков о трагедии в «Пусть говорят» The trouble that happened with teenagers, drew the attention of the public. Denis and Katya Vlasova Ants opened fire on a police car, and then committed suicide. The young people were broadcast on the Internet.

      Псковские Бонни и Клайд: соседи подростков о трагедии в «Пусть говорят»

      On 14 November the Pskov region shaken by news – 15-year-olds barricaded himself in the house and opened fire on the Windows of houses. Denis Ants and his girlfriend Katya Vlasova broadcast everything that happens on the Internet. The tragedy of teenagers, shocked the whole country. In the program “Let them talk” neighbors and friends trying to figure out what caused this behavior of young people.

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      Teenagers have consumed the live broadcast of what is happening in the popular social networks, simultaneously asking questions of the subscribers, how they act, and also spoke about what prompted them to this action.

      Young people do not know how to handle this situation. They were offended by parents who, in their view, treated them fairly severely.

      “I want to say some last words, but no way. We too have done a lot of things. We are 80 miles from home. Poor parents, why they have not regretted never. They now support it, and later – through her tears the girl was saying. – If we return, life will end, problems with parents, problems at school. We can plant. Suicide we can’t. No bullets, but shoot it was fun. If you do not surrender, we will kill you. We’ll miss everything.”
      Псковские Бонни и Клайд: соседи подростков о трагедии в «Пусть говорят»

      The Studio program “Let them talk” going public figures and experts, which shocked the story of two teenagers. Many of them explained that, after examining the situation and the sequence of actions of environment 15-year-old lovers, they came to the conclusion that friends of Dennis and Kathy was wrong when he said that they will answer for their actions.

      The mother of a classmate of Denis Muraviev made contact with the Studio from Pskov and shared his point of view.

      “My mind does not fit what happened. Can’t understand the reasons. Denis know as a good boy, cultural. He was a normal boy, a good student. What happened to him, I don’t understand. They say that the main reason in the family. What was the conflict”, – said the woman.
      Псковские Бонни и Клайд: соседи подростков о трагедии в «Пусть говорят»

      It is known that a few days ago the police talked with 9 “A” class, where he studied under Denis. This was attended by homeroom teacher. In the near future will be a parent meeting.

      In the broadcast, which were teenagers, it was about conflict and the family is Katie. Also guys, talking among themselves, admit that they have no idea how to proceed.

      — Surrender to us or not? Yes or no?
      — “A private matter”.
      Two people remained in the broadcast. If you give up — it’s gonna be tough. We do a lot of business done. We broke the Windows. The COP car smashed into smithereens. Broke into the house.
      — The leg of the mother. Took chase. Spoiled property. But no one was killed.

      Псковские Бонни и Клайд: соседи подростков о трагедии в «Пусть говорят»

      According to experts, parents of children has long been able to notice that with them something not so. This is due primarily to the fact that Katya Vlasova throughout the year, regularly placed posts of a suicidal nature, which talked about the fact that she has nothing to live for, and to save her from the abyss can only love. Guests of the Studio “Let them say” we are convinced that to notice something was wrong relatives of the girls had long before the incident, because she had filed a cry for help.

      Псковские Бонни и Клайд: соседи подростков о трагедии в «Пусть говорят»

      Share your opinion about the incident rushed and neighbors young people. Senior home where he lived killed Denis Ants with mother and stepfather said that the family knew in 2008.

      “This intelligent and educated family, in my experience, – the man told. – I have a very good impression about this boy. I have always seen calm, well shod, clothed…”

      Neighbor Muraviev declared that considers fault of the parents of children.

      “I want to say three things: raising children of the family – not the school, not the authorities, only parents doing this. This is the direct fault of the parents, and stepfather… How can you keep weapons, which can be an ordinary knife and a screwdriver to open. It’s a crime”, – summed up the man.

      The question of how the children managed with ease to get a gun, and are set in the city of Pskov. This was stated by the journalist of the local newspaper which was covering this tragedy from the beginning. At the same time she noted that the residents of the city wish first of all, the parents of teenagers.

      Without exception, all guests of the Studio came to the conclusion that the most important need in a child from birth is the love of a family. Andrey Malakhov recalled the recent conversation with his mother, who for many years worked as head of kindergarten. Woman shared with her son thoughts on modern education system in preschool institutions and noted that previously, under the rules, parents had to hold my kids at least 14 times a day in order to grow up absolutely healthy from the psychological point of view. Now, according to the presenter, the rules is only 7 instead of hugs with the baby in the day, and this is reflected in modern society.