Mother Zita and Gita told how he survived the death of his daughter

Мама Зиты и Гиты рассказала, как пережила смерть дочери Zumriyat Rezahanova remembered about the last days of Zita. One of the twins died in October 2015. Despite this, the mother of the girl claims that they are still with Gita feel that she is invisibly present next.

      Мама Зиты и Гиты рассказала, как пережила смерть дочери

      Zumriyat Rezahanova, mother Zita and Gita, talked with “StarHit” and told how did the lives of their families after he died one of the twin sisters. Despite the efforts of doctors, Zeta could not be saved. According to experts, the cause of death was multiple organ failure.

      “I understand that the child will not help. I knew all of her diagnoses. We flew home from Moscow and spent four months at the hospital with her, shared a narrow cot. I began to help others and one day when got a positive result, I started to jump for joy. Zita came to me and said, “Why you’re more for me not to fight? Why are you in denial?”. As I was hit on the head,” admitted the mother of twins.

      With Andrei Malakhov Rezahanova began to investigate the question of obtaining Russian citizenship. First she flew to Grozny, but did not find the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. After several calls TV host “Let them talk” the woman was able to pass all the documents in Makhachkala. The issue of citizenship lasted for several months. “I called on behalf of Putin. We received passports. Unfortunately, Zita was already dead. But there is the Gita, which is needed and medical assistance, and protezirovanie,” said Zumriyat.

      “Gita I sent to learn. I told her: “You have to get up and go”. And in the night when the Gita was supposed to leave, I had Zita. She, leaning on a cane came up to me and said, “Thank you for realized my dream. I’m coming too”. I jumped up immediately,” – said Rezahanova.
      Мама Зиты и Гиты рассказала, как пережила смерть дочери

      According to the woman, even in the last weeks of life Zita, they tried to be positive. Three days before her daughter’s death Zumriyat and both girls got dressed up, took selfies, trying to have fun. “She is always with us. Zita, seeing my difficulties, all said, “Wear your heart with you.” It became my motto,” shared the mother of twins.

      Gita is now studying at a women’s College. Before the daughter Zumrut taught three years in rural schools. She went to study only after the death of Zita. After graduating, she will be able to work as a teacher of the Arabic language or a translator. She has good relationships with peers. They respect her. “Girls have to pass it forward, she’s fun. She dances lezginka, standing on one leg,” – said Zumriyat.

      “It has been a difficult period. They beat me on my legs, the girls shouted: “We want feet.” They were 21 year, they finished school and didn’t know what to do next”.

      Gita wants to be like everyone else. She can’t stay at home. According to Zumriyat, her twins never thought they are different from others. “When Zita stopped working her one leg, she only then said: “Now I am disabled,” said Rezahanova.

      Мама Зиты и Гиты рассказала, как пережила смерть дочери

      Rezahanova was organized by the center, which deals with the problems of the disabled. The woman believes that it is necessary to try to help families who are faced with the same problems, as she was once. Zumriyat personally selected professionals went to the schools. Arts and crafts, primary school and singing – these are the subjects taught to children.

      At the moment there are 16 children. The financing was initially from the Ministry of labour and social development. “We are now looking for by earn how to find a sponsor. We were visited by representatives of the Kyrgyz Embassy,” said Zumriyat.

      According to the mother of the girls, she feels happy as he remembers how she helped people when Zita was treated in Moscow. At the moment, Gita need prosthetics, so very soon, mother will have with her to fly to Moscow for the procedure. In the capital of daughter Zumrut have to move by taxi, as no prosthesis she can’t ride the subway. The family is very difficult to pay for treatment, so as the old girl takes on the cost of tickets in Russia and spending on food and clothing. All persons interested in the history of the Gita can transfer funds.

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      Мама Зиты и Гиты рассказала, как пережила смерть дочери
      Мама Зиты и Гиты рассказала, как пережила смерть дочери