Dana Borisova intends to sue ex-member of “House-2” for intimate video

Дана Борисова намерена засудить экс-участника «Дома-2» за интимные видео Leading outraged by the accusations against him. Borisov said that will not leave without attention the words of Denis Kozlovich and hockey player Alexander Morozov. They argue that a celebrity is suffering from alcoholism and blackouts.

      Recently on air of one of Federal TV channels, former participant of “House-2” Denis Kozlovich told that Lou Ferrigno is suffering from alcoholism and blackouts. The man claimed that the presenter allegedly lived with him for ten days, leaving his nine year old daughter. Kozlovich also claimed that he has intimate video featuring Borisova.

      In addition, the film appeared Borisova ex-boyfriend, hockey player Alexander Morozov, with whom the star broke up in October. The athlete confirmed the words of the Kozlovich, they say, Borisova really often abusing alcohol.

      The response from the drive was not long to wait. The enraged blonde said that she was slandered and she never gave up on her child. In one of the posts Borisov has told that addressed in office of public Prosecutor and intends to sue the former participant “Houses-2”, disgraced her whole country. However, after some time Dana has removed this publication.

      “How much you can humiliate me! Leave me alone” – shared a celebrity in Instagram.

      In addition, Dana has recorded a video message in which he said that he sees a Kozlovich for the first time and never left my daughter for a few days. In the video Polina Borisova asks to confirm that she’s always been home, the girl answers in the affirmative. “The most shameful thing I’ve done is associated with this would-be hockey player,” said the star.

      Fans of stars supported her and advised me not to pay attention to slander and envy. “Danochka, you are a beautiful and kind-hearted man, very sad that you hurt”, “Stop making excuses and be humiliated, we love you very much”, “All who are watching your life, never believe anything about you trying to say in some transmission. Forces you to pass through the mud with dignity, they will return like a boomerang. I wish you to meet a real, strong and sincere man”, “I envy and anger, good luck to you girl,” “Hold, about alcoholism is complete nonsense, who came up with such nonsense”, “don’t take what happened to heart, raise your head higher and smile,” wrote the followers Borisova.

      Recall that Dana Borisova and Alexander Morozov broke up because of the desire to appear leading in American film. The beloved star gave her the car brand Volvo worth about five million rubles. “The year was very difficult for me. I don’t want to think about death, divorce… to Me, Sasha is good, nice, and his actions today — very happy, because this was not me a thousand years” – shared was Given with “StarHit”. Elect Dana Borisova gave her a car for 5 million