На имущество Олега Яковлева претендует новый наследник Battle for multi-million dollar state of the actor in full swing. Each Oleg Yakovlev Roman Radov is an apartment, partly owned by the singer. Also, a man has shed light on the true status of the relationship of the artist with Alexandra Kutsevol.
На имущество Олега Яковлева претендует новый наследник

The ex-soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev died in the summer of 2017, but the scandals around his personal life and inheritance does not subside until now. The main battle for the state of the singer took place between his beloved Alexandra Kutsevol and niece.

Previously a blood relative Yakovleva Tatiana was considered the sole heir. It made the will. However, it later emerged that Alexander Kutsevol allegedly married the artist a few years ago… Now on the horizon appeared another contender for the decent condition of the musician.

In the “You wouldn’t believe it!” the actor Roman Radov told what has to one of the apartments Oleg Yakovlev.

“We know each other from student days. Then we purchased two shares in a communal apartment, alterations. In the end, the property to go to me. There are lawyers, attorneys, even if they understand all the nuances… by the Way, in the summer when they allegedly were married, together we had a rest in Montenegro. Honestly, I don’t remember that they went to Serbia, and there is something recorded. Such an important event, and Oleg would tell me,” said street.

The actor is afraid that Alexander will remember this property and Oleg will want her. The novel, in turn, believes that the apartment belongs entirely to him.

Meanwhile, the niece Yakovlev also alludes to the questionable status of the marriage document. In its opinion, Oleg wouldn’t hide such an important event from relatives. Besides the artist during his life allegedly claimed that even thinks about marriage. Kutsevol does not tire of talking about feelings to someone and how much they loved each other…

According to Radova, on the grave Yakovlev is still no monument. In the end the man decided to engage in its manufacture. He came up with a symbolic design and asked the experts to cast a large figure of a bullfinch, as well as to put a picture of Oleg from rich Italian material.

“If I had to do it, then I want to do it efficiently, so the memory remained. Sorry, of course, except for me to make a monument to anyone”, – said Roman.

The next meeting regarding inheritance Oleg Yakovlev will take place in a couple of weeks. The fans hope that friends musician will finally resolve all disputes arising between contradiction and will not denigrate the memory of the artist trial.