Пелагея похвасталась шикарными подарками от мужа после слухов об измене The singer said that often pleases her lover with expensive gifts. Pelageya rarely comments on his personal life, but recently decided to lift the veil of secrecy. So, the star revealed that Ivan Telegin does not skimp on jewelry for her.
Пелагея похвасталась шикарными подарками от мужа после слухов об измене

Pelagia and Ivan Telegin have been married for two years. Couple tries to bring their relationship attention, but recently, the lovers were still in the center of the scandal. In the Network appeared the photo of the hockey player with a mysterious brunette. The girl claimed that her and the athlete binds exclusively friendship. However, among fans of the singer immediately rumors about the infidelities of the athlete.

Pelageya herself now prefers not to comment on this topic. During the event, organized by well-known jewelry brand, the actress said that her husband indulges her and loaded with presents of jewels.

“In recent years, all the jewels gives me a husband. It is very nice and always memorable. It does this on some memorable dates, events. So I suggest to all men to make gifts to their women. Then they will look at your jewellery and think of you,” said the singer.
Пелагея похвасталась шикарными подарками от мужа после слухов об измене

Despite the fact that often pleases the beloved actress with expensive gifts, she is wearing jewels only during public appearances. Pelagia noted that in everyday life prefers to do without massive diamonds, and on stage she is uncomfortable to be in gold or silver.

“I had a period when I played with huge silver rings on his hands. After the concert it turned out that I can’t take them off, as they are all bent. I’m very active on stage, literally can’t control yourself, and therefore act without the jewels,” – shared the actress.

During the event, Pelagia with pleasure was photographed with admirers and distributed autographs. She noted that it is incredibly important the support of fans, and is ready for hours to chat with them. “Unfortunately, I rarely get to see them, just talk. Always a lot of work, and that’s exactly the kind of meeting does not remain forces, but sorry,” said star.

Themselves as fans Pelagia pleased with her gifts and kind words. The fans hope that the actress and her husband will be able to overcome recent problems. In their opinion, the player and singer are a perfect pair, they share a really sincere feelings.