Специалист по ауре: «Муж Екатерины Климовой – провокатор» The actress is happy with the choice, however, according to Ilya Sagliani, they are very different characters. He believes that Catherine sometimes need to give spouse.

Ekaterina Klimova lives in marriage with an actor Gela Meskhi. They met on the set of the painting “Wolf sun”. Then the movie star did not plan to build relationships, as experienced the break with Igor Petrenko. However, Gela was very persistent. Catherine rarely shares photos with her husband, so evil tongues say sometimes about their parting. “StarHit” asked the specialist in the aura Ilya Sagliani, what’s waiting a couple.

“They are compatible, but there are difficulties in the relationship. Catherine appreciates it, she is by nature a good soul. As for Gela, he was a provocateur in their psycho, and many conflicts he initiates. And it is in a quiet family haven has periodically disturbed the peace. They can be together, if Catherine will give him. And it will always be fragile and difficult”, – said the expert.

Catherine and Gela lot of work. However, Klimova pictures on Instagram it’s hard to say whether or not they are together spending time. The actress loves new emotions.

“That was still family harmony, need to travel frequently. Moreover, Catherine is like a sponge, absorbs the emotions, so it is very important the atmosphere in the house. Gela also need to control your emotional background, it sometimes gets out of control and there is a risk of formation of cracks in the relationship,” – said Ilya.

By the way, the star of the movie many times blamed for the fact that she married a man younger than her. However, Catherine did not pay attention to it. In the most acute situations it meets the spiteful critics.

“Sometimes relationships interfere with different stereotypes – for example, my husband is younger than me and is very often the object of jokes and discussions, but in our relationship I feel he is much wiser than I, I’m the opposite usually act like a child. In this we all are different but at the same time favorite and native. Opposites attract!” – recently wrote the actress about the relationship with her husband.

Recall that in marriage Klimova and Meskhi daughter, Bella. For a long time the artist tried to show the girl’s face, but now the girl is almost competes with my mom on the number of likes in social networks.