Свойства и область применения просечно-вытяжных листов

Manufacturing technology sheet consists of two stages — perforation and stretching of the metal, hence the name of the finished product. For obtaining the plates use galvanized and cold rolled steel.

Свойства и область применения просечно-вытяжных листов

Benefits and features of expanded metal products

The process of production as much as possible without waste, due to this it is possible to reduce the cost of production. To obtain the plane of the material and increase its strength, the sheets pass through a powerful press.
On the market are products made from steel of different thickness (from 0.7 to 6 mm, depending on material type). The main advantages of expanded metal sheets:

  • light weight (due to this reduced total weight of structures);
  • a high level of light transmittance and resistance to corrosion;
  • excellent breathability and self-cleaning surface.

The ability to cleanse itself due to the cellular structure of the product, whereby contamination pass through the holes. To improve corrosion properties, the material undergoes special processing.

PVL sheets weigh 80% less than conventional metal products of the same size. The products are of high stiffness. To order expanded metal sheets on the site metallz.ru the company sells rolled metal in any amount.

In which areas used expanded steel sheet?

When you select should focus on the size and thickness of the product. Applications:

  • structural reinforcing and finishing facilities;
  • manufacturer of ventilation Windows and stopping pavilions;
  • the arrangement of the grating in the workshops;
  • the erection of fencing on agriculture.

The leaves are used as a finishing material for the realization of bold architectural ideas, involving the design of buildings in an unusual urban style.

Solid metal sheets with excellent transparent characteristics, is often used for decorative purposes, getting a nice fence and getting other architectural elements. PVL is used for the manufacture of containers and stairs (steps).

With the material easy to operate, welding material does not require special skills. Products used to create platforms and walk-through decking on industrial enterprises (oil extraction, manufacture of chemical products, power plants, etc.). Another application field is the fabrication of structures for sifting the rocks.