Prokhor Shalyapin: “we Have Larisa karmic connection”

Прохор Шаляпин: «У нас с Ларисой кармическая связь» The singer has teamed up with former lover, to conquer the top of musical charts. Prokhor Chaliapin said the “StarHit” that Larissa Kopenkina became for him the closest person, and they are comfortable spending time together.
Прохор Шаляпин: «У нас с Ларисой кармическая связь»

Prokhor Chaliapin and Larissa Kopenkina back together. The singer said the “StarHit” that his former lover had established magical contact, by the woman artist feels happy. All the quarrels and scandals between them long forgotten.

“We have a teacher of karmic connection, we tied, just born in different years. All the insults in the past, we all survived, I am very happy and satisfied. We now have a very good relationship, we recorded the song. We found a music producer, now all sing, and we decided,” – said the singer “StarHit”.

Old lovers performed the song for the TV show “House-2”. The audience enthusiastically greeted the Duo Chaliapin and Kopenkina.

According to the artist, it Kopenkina now tie exceptionally friendly and cordial relations. They do not occur, however, the husband admitted that he had warm feelings for Larissa. The singer said that they had conflicts, but in the summer a woman came to him in Sochi, and old grudges were forgotten by themselves.

“Larissa, of course, not the singer, but in our show-business – this is optional. It is full of life energy to perform on stage, people love it. Why some artists, viewers do not perceive? Because they have no joy, they all complain about life and always tired, and Larissa is not so. She’s not faking it, she really is in life full of positivity. With Kopenkina I feel much better, you feel happier” – said Prokhorov.

According to Shalyapin, to work with former lover, Anna Kalashnikova, he doesn’t want. Prokhorov believes that his ex-fiancee – talented artist, however, their paths diverged.