Paulina Andreeva said goodbye to long hair

Паулина Андреева распрощалась с длинными волосами
The actress surprised fans with a bold way.

Paulina Andreeva in new image

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Paulina Andreeva, which, in the opinion of the fashion critics, is an example
understated elegance, surprised the extravagant image of guests of the Moscow art theatre.
A. P. Chekhov. At the premiere of “Bright path. 19.17” directed by Alexander
Molochnikova, the actress came on stage with short hair, which is popularly
called “under the boy”.

Many fans couldn’t see Paulina: for many years, its “business
card” is a gorgeous long curls, and Andreev have not once told me
how much attention and money she devotes to hair care.

However, yourself
Andreev has not changed. As it became known new
the theatrical image of the actress — the result of “jewelry” work of a stylist. Especially for
the performance for Paulina found a suitable wig. Star tried it on, not
hesitation or doubt is how it will look with extremely short
hair: taste Alexander Molochnikova she trusts entirely. Last year, she
starred in his debut directorial film “Myths,” which premiered
will be held in Moscow in mid-November.