Farewell to the stepson of Eldar Ryazanov will be held on Friday

Прощание с пасынком Эльдара Рязанова состоится в пятницу
In memory of a foster son of film Director 7days.ru recalls Ryazanov married for the third time and became the stepfather of Oleg berdyugina.

Прощание с пасынком Эльдара Рязанова состоится в пятницу

On the evening of 31 October at the age of 47 years died suddenly Oleg berdugin — stepson of the legendary film Director Eldar Ryazanov. It became known that he was buried in Moscow tomorrow, Friday 3 November. The man was the eldest son of the third wife Ryazanov, the movie editor
Emma Abaidullina for which this marriage became the third. Few people know
what previous unions love to the Eldar and singer Emma Valerianovna ended

Second wife of film Director Nina Skuybina died
cancer in 1994, and Abaidullina broke up with her second husband, the famous composer
Paul Aedonitsky (1922-2003), just a year after the wedding with him.

“Nina was editor-in-chief of the Association of film-makers at the “Mosfilm”,
— talked about the second Union of the Eldar. — At first we were very
beautiful novel, and then a very happy marriage. We lived together for about 20
years. Officially Nina was not considered by the editor any of my pictures, but
in fact, we worked together on all the films…”

After the death of the second spouse, the filmmaker was terribly sad,
long observed mourning. Therefore, a new third marriage resolved immediately. Return
Ryazanov to life was the movie editor Emma Abaidullina, who led
Sverdlovsk branch of the Bureau of the propaganda film, and then married
Pavel Aedonitsky moved to Moscow and organized in “Cinema”
the company “Premier plus”.

“Emma and I met for a long time, first on the phone — she was repeatedly invited
I went to Sverdlovsk to meet with the audience — shared Ryazanov. But I have
never had the time. But once in the hotel during the film festival
I approached the woman and said, “Hello, I’m the one that you
called Sverdlovsk”. Look — a young lady sweet, handsome and gallant
said, “If I knew it was such a charming lady, I would, of course,
immediately arrived.” So we met… and dispersed.”

In the early ‘ 90s Ryazanov learned that Abaidullina married the composer and already
long lived in Moscow. “We occasionally met in the corridors of the “Cinema center”,
exchanged duty phrases, but our mutual admiration was obvious, said
Director. — And some time after was not Nina, I called her…”

According to Eldar Rozanova, third
marriage was his salvation: “Such mutual understanding, as we do,
between husband and wife is rare. In everything, even in small things. If not for Emma then
maybe he shouldn’t live.”

Very warm relationships Ryazanov’s and sons abaidullina the first
marriage — Oleg and Igor Berdyugina. 27 October 2017 almost the whole family,
native including the Director’s daughter, Olga, was present at the solemn opening of the monument
Eldar Rezanovu in Samara — on the Boulevard of his name, near the house where he
was born, and now his house-Museum.

And four days later, Oleg berdyugina did not. Funeral stepson Eldar Ryazanov will take place on 3
Nov Friday. “On Friday at 9.30 am in the morgue, on the street Priorova, 10,
will be saying farewell. At 11.30 am the funeral service in All Saints Church at Sokol
(metro “Sokol”, the output side of the family). At 13.00 the same day and farewell
burial at the troyekurovskoye cemetery”, — is reported on the page of the deceased in
one of the social networks.