Husband of Lyudmila Gurchenko revealed the truth about her conflict with her daughter

Муж Людмилы Гурченко раскрыл правду о ее конфликте с дочерью Sergei Senin believes that Maria Koroleva for a long time were in a difficult relationship with his mother, could manipulate. In the opinion of men, Lyudmila Gurchenko and her heir were victims of envy.
Муж Людмилы Гурченко раскрыл правду о ее конфликте с дочерью

12 Nov 2017 Lyudmila Gurchenko would have turned 82. The life of the actress suddenly stopped in March 2011. Celebrity did not feel well and lost consciousness. Doctors, who arrived home to the legendary actress, was unable to revive her. Husband of Lyudmila Markovna Sergey Senin has shared memories of her in the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”.

Lyudmila Gurchenko had an uneasy relationship with her daughter Mary Queen. After the death of the actress Senin, too, could not find a common language with its successor. Some time ago close Lyudmila Markovna shared her apartment in Trekhprudny lane, but in the end Seninu and Queen still managed to overcome the contradictions that arose between them. A place where live star, Senin turned into a Museum to her memory.

Personal belongings Gurchenko: a portrait of over 120 thousand and the coat for the price of sleeveless

Boris korchevnikov asked her husband Lyudmila Gurchenko comment on her feud with heiress. Sergey Senin has denied speculation of the public. Spouse star believes that Lyudmila Markovna could annoy those who purposely “ruined” her relationship with the loved one.

“It’s a figure of speech – clashed with my daughter. The fact that Lucy and Mary do not conflict, it cannot be called a… What is the conflict? I can see the kitchen, and there are people angry excited. Just at the time Mary stopped to chat with my mom. This was already so much all was told. (…) In this whole story I had the feeling that she is a person driven. Maybe she was good at manipulating not very educated, slim and intelligent people. They have brought this situation to what happened. There is not Mary, there’s other people” – shared Senin.
Муж Людмилы Гурченко раскрыл правду о ее конфликте с дочерью

The man refused to name specific names of those who quarreled Gurchenko daughter. “They don’t deserve it,” said he. Now Senin is a good relationship with the Queen.

“We have covered all the issues in a manner which I suggested in the beginning. I came to the conclusion that Mary is a gentle and kind man,” said the man.

Recall that the first meeting Senina Gurchenko was held in 1990. Lyudmila Markovna played in the movie “Sexcuse”, which worked in the company founded by Sergey and his friend. Then husband-to-be stars were proprietary. After a divorce Seninu called his ex-wife Galina and proposed Israel tour Gurchenko. Sergei was delighted, because he had the occasion to talk with the artist.

Then the way of the future spouses have separated. The reason for the resumption of the communication was the idea that came to mind Senio. He again got in touch with Lyudmila Markovna. That without much thought agreed. After some time, colleagues began to live together, and several years later registered a relationship.

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