Prokhor Chaliapin shocking passion for new friend

Прохор Шаляпин шокирует страстью к новой подруге The artist expresses overt sexuality. Prokhor Chaliapin continues to shock the social network. On the new photo of the singer hugging a woman who supported him after breaking up with Anna Kalashnikova.

      Прохор Шаляпин шокирует страстью к новой подруге

      After a painful break-up with Anna Kalashnikova, Prokhor Chaliapin changed beyond recognition. The artist rarely published in social networks photo with a carefree smile that was his trademark. But now the singer shares moments of true passion, it seems, he has a new girlfriend.

      Jan Grivkovsky supported Prokhorov in a difficult moment, when he found out that is not the biological father of the child Anna Kalashnikova. Wedding star was disrupted, Chaliapin became depressed. And at this moment next to him was Jan. Recall Gribkowsky was the bride’s best friend Prokhor, producer tims brick, who tragically passed away last year. Now she continues to communicate with Chaliapin and, they say, between the young people something more than just friendship.

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      Rumors of a romance with Jana Prokhor fueled new photos taken for advertising a famous brand. In the photo Chaliapin passionately hugging a friend. Shocked fans of the stars even did not know how to comment on a new creation involving popular artist.

      Recall the name of Prokhor Chaliapin for several years does not come from the pages of scandalous chronicle. First he shook the whole country bright and brief marriage with Larisa Kopenkina. The discussion was not only the fact that businesswoman much older than his chosen one. There were rumors that four years Chaliapin supports financially.

      Prokhor Chaliapin changed beyond recognition

      Then Prokhorov has announced that it will soon become a father, and came out with a new companion Anna Kalashnikova. A year after the birth of a child in the program “Let them talk” Prokhor learned that, according to the results of the DNA test, the baby was not born from him. Now she shares her feelings about the failed wedding and failed fatherhood through social networks.

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