Sisters Agibalova obsessed with the fight against excess weight

Сестры Агибаловы одержимы борьбой с лишним весом Olga Gazhienko and Marguerite Marceau staged in early summer marathon. The women decided to compete with each other in the issue of weight loss. Their goal was to throw in a month five kilograms.

      Сестры Агибаловы одержимы борьбой с лишним весом

      In early June, Margarita Agibalova, who lives with the children in Cyprus, argued with his sister Olga, Gazhienko. Cousin agreed to lose weight. Women set a goal – each needs to lose about five kilograms. “We decided to bet on the repaint! If one of us fails, the lost! And runs to the salon to dye my hair!”, – explained Margarita on his page in the social network.

      On the eve of the girls was the last day, after which they had to summarize. As it turned out, the two sisters during the dispute are unable to throw the desired number of kilograms, so each will remain with his hair color.

      “Honestly, my goals I have achieved. I adhered to proper nutrition (not always, of course), played sports, but threw only 2.5 kg. I came to the conclusion that 5 pounds in a month is a very big stress to the body, I’m not ready to do so. And why not!”, – reported on their results of the Margarita.
      Сестры Агибаловы одержимы борьбой с лишним весом

      “Personally, I starting from June 1, dropped 6 kilograms 400 grams. In the dispute 3 kilos 600 grams. So, as I started early and rather abruptly and harshly, then it was hard for me. I believe that for a month and three days plumb good. But I want another 10 pounds at least. So we decided to extend the battle. He motivates us very well. So extending it another month. For those who like circuses, sorry, my sister is more important to renew our motivation and not to deviate from our path. In the end, we dispute it was necessary for this,” said Gazhienko.

      Under the hashtag #battlestargalactica both women had posted pictures of food, changes its shape and talked about the applications and the programs that use for weight control. The diet Margarita and Olga included eggs, vegetables, berries, oatmeal and salads, and lean meats.

      Many subscribers pages sisters think that since both women lost the match, they have to go and change your hair color. “It would be more honest now to disguise the terms of the dispute, but when you reach the result, to dye my hair back” – according to some users of the social network. Friends do not suggest, Gazhienko more to lose weight. “Olga, you have a beautiful feminine figure. If it is still minus 10, something something, “girl-boy” – the figure of a teenager,” wrote one of the fans.

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