Анастасия Волочкова снялась в эротическом видео In the video, almost Nude ballerina swims in the sea. Anastasia does not hide the happiness that she gives unity with nature. The star publishes photos and videos that make beat the hearts of her fans more often.

      Anastasia Volochkova, resting in the hot Greece. Famous ballerina basking in one of the private beaches of Crete. The location of the stars is impossible to determine the common tourists because it is located in a closed area.

      Freedom of action artist is not limited. So Anastasia dropped the constraint and removed the top part of the swimsuit. In this form Volochkova jumped into the water. The Mediterranean sea is a bit stormy, so bathing in light the waves brings pleasure to those who know how to swim. Could not resist this fun and Russian diva.

      The mysterious companion of the star filmed flirting Volochkova in the water. It was a real erotic movie, after all, the ballerina posed Topless besides Thong was almost invisible on her body.

      “Almost threw me off the wave… But it is katushka! I rejoice in my heart! – signed video Anastasia. – It’s magic! And a private beach where you can swim in panties or as you want”.

      Video posted by Anastasia (@volochkova_art) Jul 5 2016 6:51 am PDT

      Recall that Volochkova had settled in Greece at a private Villa. The luxury and magnificence of this Cretan area correspond to stardom ballerina. “It’s just an incredible place in Crete! I was Euphoric! This is Paradise! My Villa is just a house! And the fortress! I deserve it, I think”, – shared his emotions the artist with the subscribers on your page in Instagram.

      By the way, the celebrity spends days at a luxurious Villa, literally savoring every moment spent there. Anastasia rests slowly and steadily. Behind her difficult period at work, scandals and disappointment associated with the failed premiere in the theater.

      The scandal with Anastasia Volochkova takes a financial turn

      So now Volochkova is recovering, she sleeps a lot, walks, swimming in the sea, enjoying great views of Crete, weather, nature, delicious food, SPA. Virtually every step the star publishes in the microblog. Fans of the star have a complete picture of its time. “I love open spaces! The scale of the territory of my Villa is just incredible! And has a private access to the beach. It’s a magical place!” – wrote Volochkova. Fortunately, the dancer does not forget about sports on vacation. She constantly trains and keeps the body in perfect shape.

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