Prince William still feels the shock of the death of his mother

Принц Уильям до сих пор испытывает шок от смерти матери

The heir to the British throne, Prince William told in the documentary BBC “Mind Over Marathon” that and now, twenty years later after mom, Princess Diana. experiencing the shock of it.
In August of this year marks twenty years since the moment of the beloved Lady Diana died of injuries sustained in a car crash in Paris. At the time of death she was only 36 years old, and her eldest son William was barely fifteen.

“The shock from the death of my mother has lasted for twenty years. I’m still experiencing it. People think that this can not be, but the way it is. It was such an incredible moment in my life that this condition still has not abandoned me. I just learned to live with it,” said William.
The younger son of Diana, Prince Harry also was not easy to accept the death of mom, because he was only twelve years old. In a recent interview he also said, as a long time hid the emotions in himself and just tried not to think about his loss.
“I just hid his head in the sand and refused to think about my mom, thinking that my experiences still do not decide anything, and I her tears not to return. These thoughts just led me to utter sadness and at some point I was just off my thoughts to my emotions did not affect me,” said Harry. At some point, he decided that it was time to process the loss and accept it. His sudden aggression he pacified with the help of Boxing and psychotherapy.