Half-brother of Jennifer aniston’s homeless

Сводный брат Дженнифер Энистон бомжует

For well-known personalities often there is such a peccadillo – they rarely care about their relatives, who because of life circumstances are not in the best position. We all know about their brother and sister applies Mariah Carey. The singer says enough they did not intend to spend more on their own strength.

Now such behavior distinguished favorite of millions Jennifer aniston.

Reporters learned that the younger brother of the star of the series “Friends” is nearly homeless and has lived at friends, on the street.

Insiders say that if friends do not emit Alex Aniston a place to sleep, he had no choice but to “roam the streets all night long”.

The question of why aniston cannot help your destitute relative, probably now mentally asked many. The answer is simple – Jennifer cannot come to terms with the way Alex did with his children, because now her help, he will not wait.

Three years ago, aniston, Jr. first became a father — his ex-girlfriend adriana Halleck gave birth to Alex’s son, and then the light appeared and daughter Kira. Alex saw kids a few times, and soon all broke up with their mother. Obviously, for the actions of his brother Jennifer a shame, the theme for the children here plays not the last role.