Nick Loeb has accused Sofia Vergara in pursuit

Ник Лоеб обвинил Софию Вергару в преследовании

Nick Loeb, a businessman and former boyfriend of actress Sofia Vergara, said that the artist specifically piss him off before the final court proceedings.

Recall that the couple has many years of judicial hostility regarding the life of two embryos created during their marriage in 2013. Nick still wants to give them life with the help of a surrogate mother. He States that he has an emotional connection, and even gave them names Isabella and Emma. Sofia believes that it is unethical on her part – after all, children are part hers and she doesn’t want their Nickname associated something.
Loeb’s lawyer claims that his client is under pressure and even bullying. Lawyers Vergara insist on the existence of a contract between the Sofia and Nick, who does not allow man to decide whether to give birth to children.
“We see this as a lever of pressure and intimidation, but in fact no contract exists,” — said the lawyer businessman.
Meanwhile, the surrogate mother carries the baby for Sofia and her boyfriend Joe Manganiello and should have from week to week.