Prince William spoke about his happy fatherhood

Принц Уильям рассказал о своём счастливом отцовстве

Yesterday at a charity event Heads Together father of two children , Prince William spoke about the fact that copes with its responsibilities. Crowned couple, raising heirs to the British throne Prince George and Princess Charlotte is known that he lives as simply as possible and do not often use the services of nannies.

Принц Уильям рассказал о своём счастливом отцовстве
33-year-old William answered all the concerns, especially talked a lot about their children. So, the Prince is told that Charlotte was not as flashy as her older brother, who was often crying in infancy, obviously tormented by colic.
To calm George, his father brought him to the open faucet, and the noise calmed the baby.

The company William at a charity event made up of his wife Kate and younger brother Prince Harry. After all three of them explained why he decided to help the organization, they were asked to write what makes them happy. Harry wrote that he was happy when people around are smiling, Kathleen admitted that her happy can walk, and Prince William wrote that the chief happiness of his life are children.
The Duke of Cambridge spends a lot of time at work and official trips, because every free moment he tries to spend with their children. In a documentary last year, “When Ant and Dec Met The Prince: 40 Years of the Prince’s Trust,” he told us how fatherhood has changed him.
“I became more emotional than before and more happy. I never thought that children can change the inner world of man. Now I’m starting to value what previously was considered a trifle, not worthy of attention. Now I’m thinking like a father” said the Prince.

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