Bryan singer commented on the possibility of making a film about Wolverine-the woman

Брайан Сингер прокомментировал возможность создания фильма о Росомахе-женщине

Era of Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman will soon come to an end. “Wolverine 3” will be the final film in. the Aussie will transform into the famous charming, but at the same time brutal mutant.

However, the existence of the character in the movie will not stop. The producer of “X-Men” Simon Kinberg revealed that they are preparing to introduce in “X-men” Wolverine one, which will now not in male and in female guise. Moreover, the name of the female version of Wolverine will be called mysterious – X-23.

For those of you not familiar with the recent history of comics or never watched the X-Men, X-23 also known as Laura Kinney, is the only successful one ever created clones of Wolverine. It has the same regenerating factor, sharpened senses and adamantium skeleton, but in the hands of her only two claws, but there is one on the feet.

The appearance of Laura is likely to be in the new movie franchise “X-Men”, who are United by the General name of “Force X”.

“We already had this discussion with 20th Century Fox and came to the conclusion that you need to initiate the beginning of work on the “Force X” and the female version of Wolverine,” said Director Bryan singer.

How all this will look, yet it is difficult to imagine.

Recall that in the near future we will be able to appreciate the new work of the singer – “X-Men: Apocalypse”. The premiere is scheduled for 27 may.


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