Gwen Stefani has hinted at the wedding with Blake Shelton

Гвен Стефани намекнула на свадьбу с Блейком Шелтоном

Gwen Stefani wants to put relations with his new lover Blake Shelton on a new level and even to marry him.

Gwen openly to say about this artist doesn’t want to. Stephanie waits for men of initiative. But to hint at what she expects from the relationship, like any women, Gwen can easily. This is what the singer recently did.

At the festival Wango Tango Stephanie appeared with a wedding ring on the ring finger.

While secular observers wondering if Shelton and Prada made a beloved proposal of marriage, close to Gwen informants revealed all her secrets and admitted that the ring she gave herself in the hope that the Blake’s hint is clear: “the Ring that Gwen wore at Wango Tango — not the gift of Blake. This is a hint to him that it is time to ask for her hand. She’s more than ready to marry him. During Wango Tango Gwen no one talked about the fact that their engagement took place, in fact it is not. She only told that he would be happy to get engaged to Blake and to build a future together with him. She realizes that they both have albums, tours… But if Blake was ready now to propose to her, she would say “Yes”.

The belief that the wedding of Blake and Gwen not far behind, appeared at a pair of fans even in the winter this year, when the singer caught the bride’s bouquet at the wedding of his girlfriend.

Who knows, maybe luck will work in the near future…


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