Принц Уильям не может смириться с потерей принцессы Дианы Recently, the Ducal couple visited Luton. Prince William and Kate Middleton visited the town to participate in social activities aimed at supporting the mental health of young people. During his visit, the heir to the British throne admitted that he never ceases to miss her mother, who died when he was 15 years old.

      According to the publication Daily Express, during a visit to Luton Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton visited Keech hospice Hospise Care, where he heard the sad story of teenager Ben Hines. 14-year-old young man with a mild form of autism can not accept the loss of his mother, who died last summer from cancer. The woman died at the age of 40 years. Hastening to support a child, Prince William put a hand on his shoulder and said in such a situation you need to talk about their feelings with loved ones.

      “Time makes grief easier. I know how you feel. I still miss my mother every day, and so on for 20 years since her death. The main thing — to talk about it with your loved ones. Sad, it’s OK to feel loss is also normal,” said the Duke of Cambridge teenager who lost his mother.

      Prince William also encouraged Ben to interact more about his dead mother and his brothers and father. “Four men, you have more to say. It is in our nature to be unnatural to share emotions, but in this case it is necessary. Promise me you’ll do it”, — gave advice to the Duke of Cambridge. Hines swore to him that his family will do so.

      Kate Middleton also not remained aloof from the problems of British teenagers. At the hospice she met a 10-year-old Jamie and 6-year-old Ethan. The boys have lost a brother, he died two years ago at the age of 10 years. He was born with special needs — cerebral palsy, epilepsy and autism, and constantly suffered from health problems. “Sorry, Kate, can I have a hug?”, — asked the Duchess of Cambridge’s little Ethan. Middleton willingly went to meet him to support a child experiencing loss.

      Prince William and Kate Middleton also spoke to 18-year-old Ellie, who injure themselves to cope with the pain caused by the diagnosis of the mother. She suffers from autoimmune disease. “What happened should never ever happen to you, and you never had to go through that,” said the Duke of Cambridge teenager.

      By the way, the brother of Prince William, Harry, too, not just remember Princess Diana in his interview. Prince Harry Princess Diana: “When she died, formed a gaping hole”

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