Олимпиец Евгений Коротышкин женился на беременной невесте Famous swimmer got married on the boat. Evgeny Korotyshkin and his fiancee Maria Lanina was invited to their celebration of Olympic Champions in Rio de Janeiro. The couple will soon become parents. Judging by the photos from the wedding, the bride swimmer is at a decent point in the pregnancy.

      Famous swimmer Evgeny Korotyshkin, who won a silver medal at the Olympic Games 2012 in London, got married to his beloved Mary Lannoy.

      The triumph of the athlete and his girlfriend organized on the water, which is very symbolic. For the wedding was a rented boat, cruising on the Moscow river. Guests of the festival, including the famous swimmers, victors of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro Svetlana Romashina and Alexandra Patskevich, generously shared in microblogs photos and videos taken during the celebration, so that fans of the athlete is the opportunity to imagine what was his wedding.

      The holiday was incredibly beautiful, romantic and positive. The couple literally glowed with happiness, and their guests – from joy for them.

      “Wedding Korotyshkin”, “Happiness”, “Beautiful couple, “Jack and Mary, happiness and love!”, – such comments accompany the photos in the microblogging friends young family.

      The most touching moment of the celebration was, of course, the first dance of the bride and groom. A couple of very tenderly and gracefully performed a slow dance, bringing pleasure to all guests.


      Wedding Evgeny Korotyshkin and his fiancee arranged for all traditions. In addition to the first dance, gorgeous cake. The bride threw the wreath into a crowd of unmarried bridesmaids, the groom garter bride to their unmarried friends.

      By the way, judging by the pictures posted on Instagram the newly minted husband and wife will soon become parents. The photo lady Eugene Korotyshkin quite clearly visible rounded tummy. It can be assumed that the baby pair will be born in the fall.

      It is worth noting that Eugene recently returned from Rio de Janeiro, where he went in part of the Olympic delegation as Chairman of the Board of athletes of the Russian swimming Federation. Olympics 2016: why we will never forget

      Those who watched the past Olympics, Korotyshkin remember criminal history. The athlete was robbed in Rio. “Today on the way to the restaurant Astor for lunch in the heart of Ipanema beach, I was robbed by two unknown weapons. We can tell you that I’m fine. Parted amicably. I gave them everything out of your pockets in exchange for a captivating story for posterity. Inexpensive. But exciting” – ironically said the attack bandits Korotyshkin in the microblog.

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