Галина Юдашкина пожаловалась на гиперактивность сына A young mother is not what happens when a baby starts to walk. The first-born Galina Yudashkina and her husband will soon turn five months. Little Anatoliy happy young parents with their activity demanding more and more attention from adults. Daughter of famous fashion designer admitted that she did not have time for themselves.

      The successor of the famous in Russia family, the daughter of the famous fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin Galina is now experiencing probably the best period of his life. In early April, a young woman became a mother, giving her husband, Peter Maksakova adorable kid. The happy parents named their firstborn after his great-grandfather Anatoly. A few weeks the star the family was vacationing in Miami, where Galina Yudashkin literally dissolved in your motherhood, enjoying intercourse with a young son, which are not distracted by any other chores. In the microblog Yudashkin admitted that her life with the baby has changed. As soon as the baby grows, he requires more attention and mommy time is running out on itself.

      “Our Anatoliki life became a hundred times more fun and interesting, no time at all! He even cannot lie still, waiting for run!” – said Galina Yudashkin about hyperactive son.

      By the way, during your vacation in Miami star abandoned baby-sitting services. Galina believes that assistants need it only in Moscow, where she will be busy with their projects. The rest of the time Yudashkin prefers to deal with him on her own. Help Galina, her husband and mother.

      And even being a caring young mother, the star manages to find time to exercise. So, on vacation in the hot Miami purposeful Galina regular joggings. “At first it was very difficult because of the humidity and heat, even at 8:30 a.m. the temperature is 29 degrees, but every day the body adapts, and here we are looping through 8-9 kilometers,” – said a young mother, laying in the microblog photo in a sexy white top and denim mini-shorts.

      For an active workout in the fresh air, Galina Yudashkin started in just over a month after giving birth. Galina Yudashkin trying to get rid of excess weight

      Peter Maksakov fully supported the desire of his wife and made her company. The daughter of a famous fashion designer did not hesitate to do the exercises right in the middle of the street. Galina did not hide the fact that during the pregnancy gained a couple of dozen extra pounds. She admitted that losing weight is not as easy as we would like.

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