Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to Kensington Palace

Принц Гарри и Меган Маркл переехали в Кенсингтонский дворец

The relationship of the heir to the British throne Prince Harry and his beloved actress Meghan Markle has risen to a new level – the couple decided to live together at Kensington Palace. Now lovers, who have been Dating for about a year, will be the neighbors of brother Harry Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton. Already no one doubts that the next stage of their relationship is the wedding.

Prince William and Kate, and their two children will soon move closer to London that the Prince could deal with his Royal duties. Earlier this year William, much to his regret, was forced to leave the service of the pilot ambulance for his Royal duty. Do not rule out that the current Queen of great Britain Elizabeth the Second will soon give up the throne in favour of his eldest grandson and the move to London is the last step.
Meanwhile, Harry is building a love nest, while Megan is preparing to move to Albion. Markle asked telebossov get rid of her character in the TV series “Suits” in connection with her moving to another continent.
“Harry always comes in here and asked when the room would be ready. He is very much in a hurry and want to quickly be reunited with Megan” — said sources from Kensington Palace.
Recall that the audience ambiguously reacted to the new girlfriend of Prince Harry. The actress, who was older than the monarch for a few years, Yes, yet, besides, already “go get married” seemed the wrong party for the British Prince. Harry had to personally intervene to silence the haters, asking him to respect the woman he loves.