Sandra bullock is thinking about a third child

Сандра Буллок задумалась о третьем ребенке

Sandra bullock is currently experiencing one of the best periods in my life: actress successful at work and happy at home, she has two children and enjoys relationships with photographer Brian Randall. In Sandra’s life there is complete harmony, and the feeling of love overwhelmed her. Bullock wants to find her a decent “application”, because she was thinking about how to make the family another baby. “She has a great developing career, but the greatest happiness her children bring,” said sources close to the family.

Note that now Sandra is a mother for two adopted children — seven year old Louis and five year old Layla. The actress in the kids are doted. Similar sentiments Brian, who first met with the kids, found a way and managed to make friends.

At this point it’s safe to say that Sandra and Brian fully replaced the children’s parents. Recently, for example, the entire bullock family traveled together and, according to eyewitnesses, Randall, really, excited about his new role.

By the way, while Sandra is enjoying happy moments, her ex-husband says marriage with actress and the circumstances that destroyed it: Yes, I have cheated my wife. But I took responsibility and apologized for everything. It’s the end of the story. Both women and men cheating is a part of life. People like to watch you fall”, said Jesse James. Revelations ex-wife Sandra did not comment.