Experts have calculated what the franchise “Harry Potter”

Эксперты подсчитали, сколько заработала франшиза «Гарри Поттер»

In 1997 was published the first novel of the series “Harry Potter” — “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”. Hardly the story of the young wizard appeared on the bookshelves, for kids began a new era – “Harry Potter”, which even now, 20 years later, does not lose its relevance. Based on the novel by JK Rowling, known to have been filmed that are in the world rolled together were able to earn almost $ 9 billion. But this work on “potterian” is not over.

Owned By Time Inc. financial portal Coinage undertook to calculate what the total profit has brought the brand “Harry Potter”.

The experts came to incredible conclusions. It turns out that we are talking about the amount of 25 billion dollars.

Only one original series of novels about Harry Potter authorship, Rowling has sold more than 160 million copies (and that’s just in the US, where a paperback costs about $ 25, and the total selling books brought in about $ 8 million).

Of course, don’t forget about the theme parks Wizarding World of Harry Potter (there is an average of 155 dollars) and produzierendes and received in the amount of $ 25 billion.

At the moment there is no more successful project.