Беременная Татьяна Волосожар настраивается на роды в воде The first-born skater will be born in late February. Tatiana Volosozhar have already decided on the hospital, the doctors whom she trusts to adopt her unborn baby. These days the accomplished athlete attends special courses for pregnant women and part time devoting to water procedures.

      A couple of famous figure skaters, a 30-year-old Tatiana Volosozhar and 33-year-old Maxim Trankov are now awaiting their first child. She will become the mother in two to three weeks.

      To this day the couple have already decided on the clinic, specialists they trust to make their future baby. To give birth to first-born Tatiana Volosozhar will be in the hospital favoured by many celebrities, is known Lapino clinical hospital “Mother and child”. And while the renowned figure skater is preparing for the upcoming event, trying to positively set yourself up for delivery. Tatiana Volosozhar attends a special pool for pregnant women water helps to remove the load from the back and get a lot of positive emotions.

      “After a hard week, exams and graduation, you can relax in your favorite pool and make one of the nicest procedures “bubble massage”, signed Volosozhar photo, depicting it receiving water treatment.

      All went well for mom and her future baby, Tatiana Volosozhar attend courses for pregnant women, where studies without fear to think about the upcoming birth, how to breathe and relax during them.

      By the way, many fans of the skater thought she was going to give birth in America. The reason to think so, Tatiana Volosozhar gave, went overseas together with her husband Maxim Trankovym to celebrate the New year. The pregnancy athletes at that time had been pretty decent to make such long-distance flights just for travel. But as it turned out, the couple flew to the States just to have a good time and meet overseas friends.

      Apparently, pregnancy Tatiana flows quite easily. She continues to live the usual life and to maintain tone even out on the ice. Training, the expectant mother, of course, gentle.

      Recall that Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov are going to become parents, it became known last fall. The couple had not made a mystery of an upcoming event, and even said that they expect a girl who, according to the forecasts of physicians, will be born in February. Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov will become parents