Анастасия Тиханович рассказала о последних днях жизни отца Known singer Alexander Tikhanovich, died in late January. Former soloist of the ensemble “Veras” seven years struggling with a terrible disease while trying to live a full life. According to the daughter of Alexander Tikhanovich, he went to the other world with a smile on his lips.

      Анастасия Тиханович рассказала о последних днях жизни отца

      A few days ago, thousands of Minsk residents conducted in the last path of the famous singer Alexander Tikhanovich. The singer, adored by millions of fans throughout the former Soviet Union, Belarus was buried as a national hero. Parting with him was accompanied by the sounds of the song “Robin”, which Tikhanovich once sang together with his wife Jadwiga Poplavskaya. Former soloist of the ensemble “Veras” Alexander Tikhanovich was buried at the Avenue of stars is the Eastern cemetery in Minsk, before his 65th birthday he did not live six months. His untimely death was a real shock for all fans of the musician and his colleagues. The daughter of Tikhanovich revealed the truth about his deadly disease

      36-year-old daughter, Alexandra Anastasia Tikhanovich for the first time after the death of his father gave an interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” NTV, in which he told how he left a famous singer and that he said to his daughter before death.

      “Dad died with a smile and with the words: “All will be well, God knows everything, God knows everything” – with sadness in his voice told Anastasia Tikhanovich.

      Wife of Alexander Tikhanovich Yadviga Poplavskaya did not have time to say goodbye to her husband. On the day of his departure she was on tour in Israel, and the terrible news caught her there. Family Union Tikhanovich and Poplavskaya was considered the strongest in show business, they lived happily married for over forty years. “My mother often asked what the secret of your life together? continues Anastasia Tikhanovich. – Mom always said that it is important to have time to shut up.”

      The daughter of the singer said that seven years ago her father was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease of the lungs, from which there is no medicine. Despite the suffocating cough, weakness and severe pain, Alexander Tikhanovich continued to go on stage.

      “It was particularly hard last year, continues Anastasia Tikhanovich. – My dad had to take care of themselves, not to dissipate their strength. But he wanted to live a normal usual life, what’s to stop him was simply impossible.”

      The program showed one of the last entries of Alexander Tikhanovich. Together with his wife Jadwiga and the other they’re driving and sing a song. The record shows that the singer is very hard to sing, his voice changed, but he continues to fight and enjoy life…