Nyusha will not go to Eurovision for children

Нюша не поедет на «Евровидение» из-за детей The singer refused to participate in the prestigious competition. Nyusha revealed the true reasons will not be able to participate in the contest, which could become a new stage in her musical career. The band have made a better, in her opinion, the proposal.

      At the beginning of may in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev will be one of the most prestigious musical contests “Eurovision”. And these days sparked a real passion around that, one of the performers will represent our country at the Eurovision song contest.

      Despite the fact that the First channel to announce the name of the future participant of “Eurovision” only a month, it became known that in the list of the most real candidates on the trip included singer Nyusha, Alexander Panayotov, female team, musical group “Soprano Turkish”, Lena Temnikova and Daria Antonyuk.

      However, as it became known, one of the contestants to participate in the prestigious competition, the singer Nyusha has asked not to consider her as a candidate. The singer has voluntarily refused to go on stage of “Eurovision”, but for the chance to speak to the audience all over Europe are fighting all the performers. As you know, Jane received an offer from the First channel to mentor the new season of the show “the Voice. Children” and is already working on the project. And in her confession, just not able to leave their wards.

      “Now in my creative life a very difficult period. Besides the fact that I’m recording my third solo album, which will consist of two records, I became a mentor show “the Voice. Children.” I have already assembled my team and we have a lot of work, explained its refusal from participation in “Eurovision singer Nyusha. – Sorry, just don’t have enough time and no idea how to prepare the serious room. Because Eurovision is such a big competition. I need to write a song and make a memorable performance. Unfortunately, in all events, I physically do not have time”.

      Recall the names of the mentors of the new season of “the Voice. Children” the First channel announced a few days ago, when a part of the content of the project has already been filmed. It became known that this time the audience will see in chairs mentors Dima Bilan, Valery Meladze and singer Nyusha. Became known the names of the mentors of “the Voice. Children”

      Singer says it is well aware of the emotions of young performers, as she started to sing at an early age.

      “I love children. And a good idea of how they’re nervous. I started singing at the age of five, and at age 8 he wrote his first song “Night”, – said the singer “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. – So will maximize their support and to explain what our competition is only the first step, and they have yet to come. I will try to be their friend, which they will not be afraid and which will go forward.”